Ng Qi Heng – P5

What I like about the centre are the storybooks that are kept there. Whenever I am bored, there’re always books to be read and enjoy.The assessment books provided are pretty useful for the students too. They have the topics that are taught in school so there are no problems in understanding the topics.

The teachers are pretty kind, but I would not want them to be angry. What I like most in this centre are the students. They are helpful, playful and kind. They can always help in your problems. I love Elite!!


Anastasia Foo – P6

I have many good friends in this centre! My brother is also at this centre. He said the teachers here are more patient and will explain to him the school work so that he can finish his homework earlier at the centre.


Lim Jia Yu – P3

I like this centre because there is very yummy food! I like playing with my friends in the centre. I like the air-conditioner as it is very cool. I like to watch the television program too!


Erin Cheow – P5

I like the food and watching television programme. The tea break is yummy! I have good friends too!


Fong Jun Sheng – P4

I like most about this student care is I have many wonderful friends. I love the yummy food and creativity!


Chong Kim Hee – P6

I enjoy coming for student care and tuition lessons as I get to know new friends. My teacher is caring and able to guide me well. Meeting my friends at the centre It can help me to release stress as PSLE is just round the corner.


Juliana Tan – P3

I like the eating room because I can eat when it is lunch time and during tea-break. After studying, all of us will watch television programs in the eating room. I like the food cooked by auntie. It is delicious! Yummy!!


Izzul- P3

Hi, my name is Izzul. I am from Punggol Primary School. I like this centre because of the air-conditioned classroom. Best of all, I like to play board game called ‘monopoly’ and I like all the teachers in this student care because they teach me how to improve my English, Maths and Science. Thank you for reading!


Iris Huang – P1

I like the centre because of the food, making friends and even doing school/homework here. I also get to do activities here like watching TV programs, board games. I enjoy reading books too. There is also air-con to cool myself. I really enjoy myself here!


Given Low – P1

I like the air-conditioned room and the delicious food.


Ashlyn Tan – P1

I look forward to coming to the centre to meet my good friends.


Abby Tan – P2

I like this centre because I have many good friends. I enjoy their company very much.


Emmanuel – P2

The environment is nice and the people here are kind.


Kerryn Ng – P3

I like the centre because there are happy and clever people.


Toh Hao Zhuo – P5

I like the food and the air-conditioned environment.


Tay Xin Yi– P2

I like the centre because of the cooling environment. I enjoy playing with my friends and also the food here.


Gerald Tan – P1

I like to come to the centre because I like to do homework assigned by the teacher here.


Valerie – P2

I enjoy doing lots of assessment as it will help me to improve my grades. I also have good friends where we can play together during our free time.


Tay Yu Zhe – P4

It is fun at the centre and I always enjoy the centre outings to the zoo, farms, etc


Farish – P6

I like to go the centre. It is very spacious. The aircon is cooling. The teachers here are great! They help me to improve my mathematics.


Cassandra Ong – P1

I like the centre because my teacher teaches us a lot of right things.