Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

We are a MOE and MSF registered Education Service Company offering Tuition Classes, Student Care Services and Enrichment Programmes for students in Pre-Schools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges.

Our centre tutors and student care teachers are all specially selected by our company management based on a stringent set of criterion and guidelines on qualifications, teaching experience / track records, students management skills as well as attitudes towards teaching.

(A) Tuition Classes (Results Orientated)

kajri-gautam-tutor-with-studentsWe offer Tuition & Enrichment Classes in English, Maths, Science, Chinese, Higher Chinese and English Phonics for Pre-School and Primary School students. For Secondary and Junior College students, we offer tuition classes in English, Maths, Science, Chinese, Higher Chinese, A Maths, E Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined Science, Principles of Accountings, etc.

We also provide intensive Tuition Classes for students sitting for PSLE, GCE ‘O’ and GCE ‘A’ Levels examinations. There are 1 to 1 tuition classes available for students who wish to customise their preparations for tests or examinations or for students who like to strengthen their weaker subjects.

Our tuition philosophy is based on small class size (from 2 to 8 students in 1 class) emphasizing on quality and intensive coaching for the students so that they achieve improvements to their results in the shortest time possible. The small class size not only allow more time for the tutors to interact and understand the needs of each and every student, it also allow tutors to be able to better tackle and answer the questions raised by all the students. The students also benefit from the small class size in terms of getting more attention from the tutors and less distractions from other students in a bigger tuition group.


(B) Before and After School Care (Good Value, Low Price)

1347671923595Before and After School Student Care Services are offered at all branches to help parents take care and help their children with their homework while the parents are at work. Our student care centres provide on-time pick up, healthy meals, safe & comfortable air conditioned environment and also qualified tutors to coach the students with their school work

Our Student Care Service is priced very attractively for our existing tuition students as we believe that combining student care and tuition in one premise not only provide convenience to our parents (one-stop education provider), but also provide our centres and tutors with the ability to take better care of the needs of the students in their academic areas with more time to “Get to Know” and”Engage” each student on daily basis. Our student care service packs more academic contents and is comprehensively linked to the tuition progammes to provide the best tool for the students to manage their demanding school work in Singapore today!

We also do our part to help low income families to apply for Student Care Financial Assistance (SCFA) with MSF so that their children can join our student care and receive much needed coaching for their school work if they are unable to afford tuition.

(C) Enrichment Programmes (Relevant, Good Value)


The Enrichment Programmes include Creative Writing, Speech & Drama, Art and Drawing Classes, Clay and Pottery Classes, Angel Clay, Talent Maths (Mental Arithmetic using Abacus) Classes, Blind Fold Reading (Middle Brain Activation) Programme. The programmes are available on weekly basis, during school holidays or on special request basis.

We are working with many education professionals and Enrichment Programmes providers to give our students more selections in terms of Enrichment Progammes. Parents can be assured that the contents of such programmmes will be highly relevant for their child’s development, good value as we will do the assessment of programme contents and negotiate the fees with providers that are shortlisted.





Tuition: Intensive Examinations Preparation Classes, 1 to 1 Tuitions
Student Care: Good Value Student Care linked to Tuition Classes
Enrichment: Art Foundation, Clay Art, Blind Fold Reading (Middle Brain Activation) Programmes.