Own an Elite Education & Talent Centre In Singapore Today!
Own an Elite Education & Talent Centre in Singapore Today! If you’re a aspiring entrepreneur looking to run your own business and make a positive change in your life, we provide you with the right business plan to make your dreams come true. Review the steps in this link to find out how you can start owning a franchise centre now!

Franchise Opportunities – A Business That Makes a Difference
If you’re interested in owning an Elite franchise, review the links below to investigate the current opportunities.

Our business methods work and our franchisees are very happy people. We have brought sound business practices to education, an area that traditionally has lacked these procedures.
Part of our success is making sure that:

  • We help new Franchise Owners start off quickly by providing full support in setting up their own centres, this includes finding suitable locations or acquisitions, performing negotiations and full advise on all matters in relation to centre ownership.
  • We provide on the ground operations training for new Franchise Owners and their staff during the first few months of operations, this includes finding suitable tutors, teachers, administrative, marketing and operations staff.
  • We share administrative, marketing and operational methodologies to new Franchise Owners and their staff, including Elite’s administrative and marketing documents and materials.
  • We promote a culture of success and do regular meetings with new Franchise Owners to discuss centre growth plan, explore new programmes and tackle operational issues.
  • We help new Franchise Owners overcome initial anxiety and pitfalls by providing them with proper cashflow planning, staff management skills and business guidances based on our successful proprietary business model.
  • We will show existing Franchise Owners how to build and own a portfolio of Elite centres and generating substantial income for themselves by effectively using financial leverage and hiring a pool of qualified staff and educational professionals to manage the centres.


To own an Elite Education Centre or a chain of Elite centres, you must

  • Always understand that education business, unlike other businesses, must be operated by Franchise Owners who are ethical, honest and who believe in delivering quality education for students.
  • Have an entrepreneur mindset and a small capital for initial startup and operational costs.
  • Go through an initial assessment and interview with our Franchisor to determine suitability.
  • Be willing to learn and apply our business methods that are taught in our training.
  • Be willing to learn to hire and manage staff, teachers and use financial leverage to grow.

Request More Information
Please get in touch with us for more details about becoming an Elite Education Centre franchise owner by sending your particulars below. We will send you more information about the franchise and may request for further information about yourself. If you meet our internal requirements, we will be arranging for an initial assessment and interview with our Franchisor to determine suitability.