About Us

About Us


Elite Education & Talent Centre Pte. Ltd. is a company providing services in Education which is our core business, Education Franchise and Talent Marketing & Management which are part of our ancillary arms. Our main office is registered with Ministry of Education (MOE) and all our branches are registered with Ministry of Social & Family Development (MFS) to safeguard the benefits of our customers.

The company’s mission statements are “We are here to help you to become an elite in education and be a talent!” and “We are for every child…giving EACH the best!” and these are the guiding principles in our company policy and operations of all our centres and services.


Our core Education Services arm provides Tuition Classes for all Levels and Subjects, Enrichment Programmes and Before & After School Student Care services. Our quality services in education programmes has helped many students done well in their academic endeavour since day one. In addition, we provide good value student care service that is comprehensively linked with our tuition programmes to give our students the best academic support to perform well in schools and examinations.

Our Education Franchising ancillary arm provides full consultancy and assistance to new entrepreneurs in setting up or acquiring of centres and daily operations of the a Elite Education Franchise centre. The goal of the franchise consultancy is to ensure our franchisee achieves success in operating a sustainable and profitable centre under our branding.

Our Talent Marketing & Management ancillary arm provides full consulting, marketing, contract and fees negotiation for young aspiring local artists and talents. The company also supplies local and foreign talents to local and global event companies, corporates and private clients to perform at various events and functions. Our company has provided many local talents with opportunities and platforms to perform in large scale events both in Singapore and overseas.